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If you are a competitive racer or are looking for a high quality, long distance cruiser that can stand up to anything the Surftech Paddle Boards – Lahui Kai Pro Elite is the board for you.

The price is a little high for your average paddle boarder, but it comes with some very unique design features for competitive racers and can boast winning a Battle of the Paddles.

Surftech Paddle Boards — Lahui Kai Pro Elite Specifications

Dimensions:       12’6″ x 27″ x 6″

Weight:                 26 lbs.

Purpose:              Fitness, Racing, Long Distance Cruising

Users:                   Intermediate, Advanced

Material:              Carbon Fiber Epoxy

Price:                     $ $ $ $ $

Surftech Paddle Boards — Lahui Kai Pro Elite Performance:


This board was constructed as a racer. For its size (12’6″) it is a fast and maneuverable board. The speed I believe comes from a couple different design features. First, this board is a very lightweight board. Second, the bottom of the board has a double concave which I believe lessen the drag of the board and helps water flow, I would assume it may help with some maneuverability as well.

Third, this board has very unique rails. The total thickness of the rail is 6″ but it is beveled on the top and bottom leaving a nice smooth rounded bottom edge where it meets and cuts through the water. Not only is this board fast, it tracks very well into the wind and breaks through any little chop on the water. The pintail design and single fin reminds me of the large surfboards the big wave surfers in Hawaii.


This is a very stable board. Though it is a little narrower than a lot of beginner to intermediate boards those that are getting on this board most likely don’t have a huge issue with stability, surprisingly though it is very stable and the double recessed deck definitely helps the stability and maneuverability of the board.

Surftech Paddle Boards — Lahui Kai Pro Elite Construction/Durability:

This board is constructed of bi-axial carbon on the bottom and epoxy/fiberglass on the top side. This is a solid construction and a very lightweight core. With any fiberglass construction you have to be careful of dining the board to hard against something and the point of the nose and pintail in the back the board look like they would get a little beat up over time if the owner isn’t careful.

Surftech Paddle Boards — Lahui Kai Pro Elite Summary:

If you have the funds, this is the board to get. Not only can it stand up to some of the fiercest competitors out there, but it is a great all around board for the intermediate to advanced riders that can be taken on long cruises in flat water or pounded against the waves in a battle of the paddles.

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