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Inflatable SUPs are not for everyone, however, if you are hesitant in getting an inflatable board strictly because you are worried about the quality of construction compared to that of a hard board, there is no need to worry when considering the Sevylor Samoa paddle board.

The Sevylor Samoa Inflatable SUP is a rigid, well-constructed board that can take on the flat water as well as some of the choppy water. It does well in the ocean but doesn’t surf the waves all that well. It is about your average dimensions of inflatables on the market, but above average in its durability and rigidity.

Sevylor Samoa Paddle Board Specifications

Dimensions:       10’10″ x 30″ x 4″

Weight:                                22.5 lbs.

Purpose:              Cruising, Traveling

Users:                   Beginners, Travelers

Material:              High Pressure Inflatable

Price:                     $ $ $ $ $

Sevylor Samoa Paddle Board Performance:


Overall the board tracks pretty well. The snap in fins can prove to be a little difficult to install and the setup of the fins do tend to add some drag in the water, so you’re not going to win any races with this board.

This board turns well, but again not as great as some of your higher end boards with configurable fin designs. If you are looking for a beginners board or a travel board that will get you out on the water without you falling off, this would be a good board for you.

It has average maneuverability when compared to hard paddle boards, but is up to par with all of the other inflatable boards out there on the market.


This is a pretty stable board. It has a thickness of 4” and an overall width of 30”. There are some other boards out on the market like the Tower Adventurer that are 2” wider and thicker which probably will add some stability to those wider and thicker boards.

Overall this is a quality, stable board. It does have a deck pad for added comfort and footing while paddling. When inflated fully, this board is very rigid and handles hard paddling well.

Sevylor Samoa Paddle Board Construction/Durability:

This board has drop stitching and is made of a high-pressure material that not only ensures that it will stay inflated, but makes it very resistant to impacts that a lot of hard boards are susceptible to like running up against rocks, docks, and transporting the board.

Inflatable boards are also good for beginners because of their construction they are softer if you happen to fall off and hit them. This board was built to take a beating and not be any worse for the wear.

Sevylor Samoa Paddle Board Summary:

This is a good board for beginners or travelers that are looking for a pretty cost effective way to get out there on the water.

An inflatable board like the Sevylor Samoa has many positive features and the only real drawbacks that I see when considering this board is the amount of time it would take to pump it up (10 mins.) and the lack of speed that this board has (I think due to the fin system).

When compared to some other inflatable boards on the market, like the Tower Adventurer it is a little narrower and a little less thick, so it is just a matter of personal preference if you like a thicker or a wider board.

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