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Paddle Board Fin Replacement: Stand up paddle boards come with many different fin setups. The most common fin setup is a one large single fin (sometimes referred to as a skeg) located in the center of the board towards the back of the board.

Paddle Board Fin Replacement: How to Attach a Fin to a Stand up Paddle Board (SUP)The second most popular configuration is to have a tri fin set up. The tri fin configuration tends to be a little more prominent in SUPs that are made for surfing and riding waves.

It is also worth noting that not every stand up paddleboard is made with fins that are replaceable. If your paddle board does have replaceable fins, you will see a small box that is inlayed in the board that surrounds the fin. Your center fin box will usually have one Phillips head screw and a nut on it. Your side fin boxes typically have two set screws in them and they can be turned with a fin key or an Allen wrench.

Paddle Board Fin Replacement: Replacing Center Fin

There are many different types of center fins to choose from which will be covered in another article here on SUP Reviews Headquarters. After you have chosen your center fin:

  1. Remove the Phillips head screw.
  2. Slide the back of the fin with the small brass inserts inside of the slot with the long curved end of the fin facing towards the front of the board.
  3. There is usually a lot of room to slide the fin forward and backward. This placement of the fin is up to personal preference.
  4. Start with the fin placed somewhere in the center, go out and ride for a while, then slide the fin forward and backward to see where you like the fin to be placed.
  5. After the fin is inserted, line up the hole in the fin with the nut that is in the board.
  6. Insert the Phillips head screw and tighten down.

Paddle Board Fin Replacement: Replacing Side Fins

Side fins are much smaller than the center fin. There are also hundreds of choices when it comes to your side fins. To install or replace side fins:

  1. Use your fin key or Allen wrench and loosen the two set screws in the side fin box. (They do not need to be removed just loosened enough so that the slot where the fin goes is open and clear.)
  2. Take a side fine with the flat (non-curved) side of the fin facing the center of the board and insert it into the slot.
  3. Make sure the fin is totally in and flush with the board.
  4. Tighten the two set screws (BE SURE NOT TO OVER TIGHTEN THE SET SCREWS.)
  5. If the fin is snug and does not wiggle inside the fin box the fin is tight enough.

More articles to come about what fins do and fin selection.

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