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What is the best electric milk frother for the money? This is a common question among most cappuccino lovers.

In this post, I will make sure you lay your hands on the best milk frother by pointing you in the right direction.

An electric milk frother is essential for the do-it-yourself barrista. Preparing cappuccino with your electric milk frother can save you money. It will also save you time and trips to the coffee shop.

The most troublesome part of cappuccino preparation is frothing the milk. But with the best electric milk frother and a little practice, you will be an expert in no time.

You might want the electric milk frother that comes with a stand. You might want an espresso machine with a steam wand for frothing the milk.

There are machines that make coffee, espresso and steam the milk. Depending on your desire to learn, the ease of operation that you want and the amount of money that you want to spend, there is an electric milk frother available for everyone.

So, What is the Best Electric Milk Frother for the Money?

Ladies and gentlemen, the best electric milk frother for the money is the Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1000.

The milk frother ranks #1 in Amazon’s “Super-Automatic Espresso Machines” category. This means one thing – coffee love this Espresso/Cappuccino System.

Best Electric Milk Frother - Milk Frother Reviews 2017

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker with Automatic milk frother, BVMC-ECMP1000 is one of the best espresso makers in the market and this is attributed to the fact that the product has many useful features.

The unit has an external frothing carafe for milk attached to it and this makes it to be the only self-contained espresso maker in the market.

Most people would want an espresso maker that can do everything at once without the need to purchase other external parts.

Café Barista is the ideal espresso maker for a busy family because it enables you to brew fresh coffee within a short period of time.

Specifications of the Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1000

The Coffee Café Barista Espresso Maker has a 15 bar pump which is a reasonably high-pressure pump. It is possible to choose a single or double shot of espresso because the unit has a one-touch control.

The control panel also allows you to make a latte or cappuccino. The Café Barista espresso maker has an automatic milk frother attached to it and this makes this does not in any way complicate things for the user.

The frother allows you to easily turn your favorite milk into a creamy foam that is relatively light. The unit does everything on its own as long as the right froth level has been selected. It is easy to fill and clean its milk reservoir and this is attributed to the fact that the reservoir is removable. The refills between brews are fewer because the water reservoir is large and easy to fill. You are only required to fill the milk reservoir a few times when preparing a drink for many people.

What’s So Great About The Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1000?

  • The unit works automatically as long as the settings on the control panel are right
  • The machine is easy to use because you only need to follow the instructions in the book
  • It can be used to brew latte, cappuccino or a double shot of espresso
  • It is easy to understand the complex control panel
  • There is a lot of pressure for the froth because of the 15-bar pump
  • There is no need to buy an external frothing carafe for milk because the entire unit is self-contained
  • It is easy to get variations of coffee drinks because a few recipes for latte, cappuccino and espresso are supplied
  • The water and milk reservoirs are removable and this makes cleaning to be very easy

What’s Not So Great About The Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1000?

  • The self-contained unit is very expensive
  • The pressurization capability can be lost with time
  • It is difficult to clean the frothing spigot
  • It is difficult to prevent clogs
  • It cannot be used for a long period of time
  • It requires high care and maintenance

Is This A Great Purchase?

This product is a great purchase because it is self-contained and therefore provides you with value for money. There are many espresso makers in the market, but very few of them can match the Café Barista in terms of features. You only need to purchase a single unit and you have a perfect opportunity to brew any type of coffee you want.

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Best Electric Milk Frother for the Money – Runners Up

The following is another great electric milk frother you buy and get value for your money…

Capresso Froth TEC Automatic Milk Frother Review

A cup of coffee is a great way to start your day, regardless of how busy your schedule is. It will always set the right mood to begin your day.

Did you know that you can bring the coffee shop feeling right to your home? You no longer have to pay for coffee drinks when you can buy a milk frother. This will help you prepare your favorite drinks from the comfort of your home.

Get this state of the art Milk Frother and prepare tasty lattes, cappuccinos and favorite chocolate drinks with ease. This is a great product for any kitchen, and it will always provide you with tasty beverages all the time.


Perfect Design

This milk frother may not be the best electric milk frother for the money but is definitely is ideal for a person looking forward to preparing delicious beverages at home. It is made with a nice design featuring a glass milk container.

On top of that, the milk frother has a removable frothing disk that rotates at the bottom. This machine is very easy to use too.


Nobody wants a milk frother that will take a lot of time to prepare the desired drink. In most cases, you will need to drink a cup of coffee in the morning before you go to work.

You need a machine like this one that works relatively faster than its counterparts on the market.

Ease Of Cleaning

In most of the milk frothers that you find on the market today, cleaning them is a very difficult task, especially when the milk sticks on the surfaces of the frother.

With this model, cleaning is effortless. It is designed with a glass vessel that can be put in the dishwasher for a quick clean up.

Temperature Settings

This milk frother offers you with temperature settings for cold and hot. You can set the desired setting depending on the type of drink you want to prepare.

Additionally, the machine has both froth and heating disk.

Automatic Shut Off

At times you may turn on the machine and forget about it if you are busy with other tasks in the house. This milk frother shuts itself automatically when it is done preparing the drink. This makes it among the safest milk frothers that you can equip your kitchen with for yummy drinks all the time.

What’s So Great About The Capresso Froth TEC Automatic Milk Frother?

  • It has temperature settings for hot and cold
  • The milk pitcher is removable and dishwasher safe
  • Designed with LED illuminated operating buttons
  • Automatic shut off for easy operation
  • It has one froth disk and one heating disk

What’s Not So Great About The Capresso Froth TEC Automatic Milk Frother?

  • Fears of the glass likely to break
  • The durability of the frother is questionable

Is This A Great Purchase?

With such an amazing milk frother, you will never miss a cup of coffee or any of your other favorite drinks when you are going to work. The machine is designed to work fast so that you can prepare your drinks with a short period of time.

This milk frother is definitely a great purchase, and you will get the opportunity to prepare tasty drinks all the time right in your home.

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Top 10 Products Bought Together With the Best Electric Milk Frother

The culture of frothing milk and taking mochas and lattes has been around for a long time now. The world is teeming with coffee lovers and this shows that this is a culture that will only continue to grow. For coffee lovers who enjoy lattes and cappuccinos, some common coffee making tools are a necessity in their kitchens. One such tool is the milk frother.

Often underestimated, the milk frother ensures that your favorite beverage gets a nice and even topping of foam to give your latte the perfect finish. However, the frother is often bought with some other complementary goods.

Here is a list of the top 10 products, which are frequently bought together with the Best Electric Milk Frother for the Money.

Milk Pitcher

This is the all-important jug used to hold the milk before and even during the frothing process. Milk pitchers also hold milk while in the fridge so that you can froth it straight away once it has been cooled sufficiently.

These pitchers come in an array of sizes and are made of different material. Some are made of heavy duty plastic, others of glass, while most are made of stainless steel material. When buying a milk pitcher for your milk frothing purpose, it is important to consider its capacity.

Milk pitchers that also act as thermal flasks are the best as they can maintain the milk’s temperature for longer; either hot or cold.


The thermometer has been yet another very crucial accessory bought together with a milk frother. When frothing milk that will be used later in cappuccinos or lattes, the milk’s temperature makes all the difference.

A little too hot and you risk scalding the milk, a few degrees off, and you may end up with poorly frothed milk. Temperature control also ensures that the frothed milk is the right temperature when it is served. Keep the thermometer handy and always check the temperature reading as you froth the milk.

You will also be able to tell when exactly you should cease steaming when the reading shows 155F or thereabout. The most popular thermometer used is the one that can be clipped onto the rim of the pitcher.

Heavy Duty Batteries

Milk frothers come in different sizes and makes. Some require manual effort to operate while others are automatic. Some frothers are also electrical while the smaller ones can be battery powered. If you are using the small handheld milk frother, chances are it uses a set of batteries to operate.

The best thing about these smaller models is that they are light and portable. However, they cannot be used to froth a lot of milk at once like their electric-powered counterparts. Because they are usually equally as fast as the electric frothers, (can froth a cup of milk in less than 30 seconds) battery powered milk frothers require constant change of batteries. You will do well to always keep an extra pair of batteries handy.

Ceramic Coffee Cups

After putting so much effort into making the perfect latte, it is only fair that you take it from a good quality ceramic mug or coffee cup. Espresso drinks purchased from takeout coffee shops are usually served in plastic paper cups.

If you have made your latte or cappuccino or mocha at home, take your time to enjoy the beverage in a nice mug. Besides, some ceramic coffee cups can be used in place of milk pitchers. If you are just frothing a single cup of milk, you may do this while the milk is in the cup using a small handheld milk frother.

Damp Rug

This is a very important piece of clothing for all people who use steam to froth their milk. It is meant to keep the steam arm clean and free of condensed steam. The reason why the damp rug plays an important role in the milk frothing process is because without wiping the steam arm, a lot of moisture will get into your milk. You end up with watery and tasteless milk, which is not fully frothed.

Storage Tube

Storage tubes are small cases that are designed to protect your small hand held milk frother from damage. As you store your handheld frother in a drawer in your kitchen, it is likely that this drawer has other kitchen tools that could bend and damage your milk frother.

This is where the storage tube comes in. It is also handy when you need to carry your milk frother, say in a bag. It keeps the frother in good condition even when stored with other heavier kitchen appliances.

Airtight Storage Containers

Everyone who knows how to brew a nice mug of coffee- cappuccinos, mochas or lattes, will also tell you that it is important to store your coffee beans properly. If left without proper storage, your coffee beans risk losing their divine roasty flavor.

They are likely to absorb moisture and will therefore not make a fine grind as they should. By keeping them in airtight storage canisters, you are prolonging their shelf life and keeping their flavor intact.

Coffee Art Stencils and Shaker

Cappuccino art is widely practiced and it is a nice way of giving your beverage a little professional touch-up art. These art stencils come in a variety of designs; smiley face, leaf shape, whirl circles, love hearts and even short texts.

The shaker is used to deposit cocoa topping over your art stencil to create the desired shape. Though not mandatory, it makes your beverage look good and enticing.

Tamper and Tamping Mats

Before you prepare the espresso that you will add your frothed milk into, you must compress and grind your coffee granules into your desirable size; fine, medium or coarse grind. Tampers are used to grind coffee while the tamping mats provide the grinding surface.

Tamping mats prevent grout from collecting on your kitchen counter, making unsightly stains.

Scoops and Spoons

Scoops will help you lift coffee from your coffee jar canister into your cup. Spoons come in handy if you need to stir your beverage. Most notably, use a spoon to hold back milk foam as you pour your frothed milk from the pitcher into a cup with ready-made espresso coffee. Add the milk foam last as a topping to your cup of latte. Then enjoy your fresh brew.

I hope the huge post perfectly answers the question: “What is the Best Electric Milk Frother for the Money?”