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The BIC Sport SUP ACS 10’4” is a great utility board. This board was manufactured to have a lot of different uses and to be accessible by many different users. It is constructed of a very rigid Polyethylene outer shell which gives it extremely high resistance to dings from running into things or just regular wear and tear.

This board would be perfect for beginners just starting to paddle, anyone looking to do some small wave surfing, or for rentals or in a situation where the board gets a lot of use

BIC Sport SUP ACS 10’4″ Specifications

Dimensions:       10’4″ x 31″ x 4.5″

Weight:                33 lbs.

Purpose:              Cruising, Small Surf

Users:                   Beginner, Intermediate

Material:              Polyethylene, EPS Foam Core

Price:                    $ $ $ $ $

BIC Sport SUP ACS Performance:


This board was made to bridge something of a gap between flat-water SUPs and Surfing SUPs. It is not a full blown crossover SUP which tend to be a little more maneuverable in waves, however, this board was constructed to handle well in the flat water as well as in some small waves.

The unique balanced rocker template and the SUP specific volume distribution allows for stability where you need it and maneuverability when you need it. The board also has a 4.5” thick rail and the shape of a long board surfboard which I think helps to maneuver when surfing small waves. This board comes with a single fin box which is standard on many SUPs.


This board overall is a fairly stable board. It has a volume of 175 Liters. Whenever you have a board that is designed for many different things sometimes the makers sacrifice one thing for another. This usually comes in the form of Maneuverability vs. Stability.

This board strikes a good balance for beginners of thickness, width, and shape that allows it to be stable and maneuvers well in many different conditions.

Larger individuals may find this board slightly unstable. The 10’4” is made for those around 180 lbs and below. BIC does offer the same design of board in an 11’4” for those around 220lbs or less.


In my opinion, the forte of the BIC Sport ACS line is in the materials it is built with. With an EPS foam core and a Polyethylene outer shell the board is built to really take whatever you can throw at it. BIC advertises that it is the same durability as a kayak. With the foam

With the foam core, the board still remains light for how durable it is. This board was made to be thrown around, run into things, get dropped, and remain virtually untouched.


This is a great universal board for those just entering into SUP and may want to also get out in some small surf. The board is great for kids and adults (for larger adults there is the 11’4” version). This board is also popular with rentals and daily use activities. Overall, it’s a great utility board for beginners to intermediate riders looking to get in the water in the flats and out in the surf.

Overall, it’s a great utility board for beginners to intermediate riders looking to get in the water in the flats and out in the surf.

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