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What is the best power washer for home use? This is a common question among most homeowners. In this post, I’m going to help you get your hands on the best power washer for the money by pointing you in the right direction.

Best Power Washer for Home Use – Pressure Washer Reviews Mar 2017A pressure washer comes in handy  to get rid of loose mold, mud, paint, grime, dirt, and dust in any objects and surfaces of concretes, buildings, and vehicles.

The volume of this pressure water in a power washer is spoken in liters or gallons in every minute.

A good pressure washer for home use is composed of complete and well-built components such as the surface cleaner, lances and wands, hoses, and nozzles. Through these components, pressure washers can really perform well.

So, What is the Best Power Washer for Home Use?

Gentlemen, the best power washer for home use id the Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI Electric Pressure washer.

The best pressure washer for home use is also Amazon.com’s bestseller in the pressure washer’s category. This means one thing – homeowners love this washer.

With Joe SPX3000 you can handle various cleaning jobs at home, driveway, patio, in a building, you can even use it for your RV, car, truck, or boat. It has enough power to do a lot of tough cleaning jobs with 1.76 GPM of water flow and 2030 PSI of water pressure.

It’s able to remove various stubborn grime and gunk, removes tar from concrete, caked mud from equipment, rust from steel, heavy mildew or oil stains.

The pressure cleaner comes with dual detergent tank system so you can store two different types of detergent for different types of cleaning, you can easily switch between detergents with the available detergent selector.

Some of the power washer features include:

  • Detergent Selection Dial
  • Keeps High Pressure Hose Organized
  • Has a powerful 14.5 Amp 1800 Watt Motor
  • Trigger Gun/Spray Wand Holder
  • Garden Hose Adaptor (Female Coupler)

Other Great Power Washers for Home Use to Choose from

If for any reason, you feel the above pressure washer does not meet your specific needs, consider having a look at the following two and maybe you’ll fall in love with one:

AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Review

The AR383 is constructed using plastic, aluminum and copper. It comes with foam dispenser, high-pressure hose and lance, adjustable jet nozzle, and a trigger gun. The unit is mounted on a trolley with two wheels that has a handle, and hose reel. The pump head is equipped with automatic safety valve with pressure shut off.

The gun wand has an adjustable spray head, high pressure hose, detergent injector, water filter, and detergent tank. It has the maximum volume of 1.5 GPM and maximum pressure at 1,900 PSI. It can handle a lot of jobs and also very easy to maintain.

Some Features of the AR Blue Clean AR383:

  • 1,900 PSI, 1.5 GPM, Annovi Reverberi Triplex 3 axial-piston pump
  • Total Stop System – power to the washer is controlled by the trigger gun
  • A Hose reel with hand crank to keep the hose out of your way
  • A 20-foot hose
  • A 30-foot power cord
  • 80% water savings over a standard garden hose. Blue is the new green!

Karcher K 5.540 X-Series 2000 PSI 1.4GPM Electric Pressure Washer Review

When shopping for pressure washers, it is important to determine how much power is actually needed otherwise the power washer may not be powerful enough to handle the job. For people who are looking for a powerful pressure washer, the Kärcher K 5.540 may fit the bill.

Kärcher is a well-known brand in the pressure washing industry and the K5 series definitely lives up to the Kärcher name. For those who are looking for a pressure washer for light duty jobs, the K5 may be more than you need, but you its power will not disappoint you. For users who need more power for dirty jobs or heavy-duty cleaning, this pressure washer fits the bill.

Some features of the Karcher K 5.540:

  • 2,000 PSI
  • Quick connect system on all hose connections
  • A child safety lock system
  • Wheels, built-in detergent tank and water filter included
  • Lab Tests Prove Karcher Nozzle Technology Delivers the Quickest, Most Thorough Cleaning

In conclusion, the above are the best power washer for home use available. It is therefore advisable you go for any of them and surely the one you will purchase it will work out greatly for you.

What to Look Out for When Buying the Best Power Washer for Home Use

The market is flooded with different pressure washer makes, such as the “Karcher Washer” or the “AR Blue Clean AR383”. That is why, reading pressure washer reviews provided by customers is important. Nowadays, this task has become easy, thanks to the internet. When you are reading a customer review, a pressure washer buying guide or an owner’s manual, look for the following things:

Water Pressure – It is a fact that water can get rid of dirt during washing procedures. Now, in a combination with pressure, it can easily dislodge different types of grim without having to exhaust your arm muscles due to vigorous scrubbing.

Weight – It is only practical that you purchase a pressure washer that is lightweight. Having a heavy unit will only make it difficult to lug around the household, especially if it does not have wheels under its base. If this is the case, though, pressure washer reviews have suggested that you might want to purchase a long hose so that you do not have to drag your pressure washer so far.

Detergent Tank – Some high-end models have been purposely built with detergent tanks or some sort of bottle attachment for your chemical agents. Although the primary component of pressure washer is water, you may also opt to make use of certain non-corrosive detergents for cleaning your car, since the detergent liquid makes the car slippery and soapy. This way, the automobile is much easier to clean.

Engine – It is recommended by experts that you base your decision on which particular pressure washer to purchase on the unit’s PSI value. The PSI is actually more significant than the specifications of the engine.

Hot/Cold Feature – Not all models are capable of holding two different water temperatures. With this in mind, it is a must that you purchase a unit that is capable of holding hot water, since tests have shown that hot water is more efficient when it comes to cleaning surfaces on a much faster pace.

Pump – Just like previously mentioned, it is more efficient to check the pump’s GPM, instead of merely taking a look at the pump’s specifications. You might also want to get one that has the ability to siphon stagnant water, such as rainwater. This way, you are saving money and recycling naturally clean water.

Price – The pressure washer market is competitive, which means you will find rates from $100-1000. However, fuel and maintenance costs also have to be considered when you purchase a gas washer. If you are looking for a machine for an annual heavy cleaning, it would be better to rent a pressure washer.PSI – As we mentioned before, there is no all purpose pressure washer. Each type has a different PSI for different jobs. So do not buy a 3000 PSI washer to clean your furniture!

Hose length – Hose length affects the movement of the machine and the force of the water. A 10 feet hose is ideal, but if the motor is powerful, it can easily provide high pressure in longer hoses as well.

Noise level – Powered motors are noisy and can cause hearing damage as well. Gas motors tend to be noisy than the electric ones. Reviews or the guidebook will tell you the noise level. 78 decibels is favourable.

Water level – Water level is measured in gallons/minute (GPM), i.e., how much a machine produces at a given temperature. GPM from1-4 is suitable for household cleaning.

Nozzles – The spray nozzle transforms the total energy of a liquid into kinetic energy. This later is used to break the liquid into small particles and distributing them evenly according to the desired distribution.

In certain cases, the kinetic energy is used to give the liquid a higher penetration. In others, the nozzle allows a variable flow depending on the pressure. Flow rate is determined by the inner diameter of step as well as the pressure. In general the relationship between flow and the pressure can be easily calculated through the equation;

Pressure Washer Machines Types and their Features

Best power washer for home use are mostly used to do the most challenging cleaning jobs. Water under very high pressure is sprayed at a higher velocity, which can even tear paint off from a wall if that is what is needed. The best thing with these washer machines is that the pressure can be increased or decreased according to what you want.

The most crucial accessory of such a machine is the pressure nozzle since it plays a very important role in making the machine essential and effective when cleaning. There are various nozzles available in the market and each of them has a different purpose. The following are some of the best pressure washers as well as their features.

Electric cold pressure washers

This one works very well for various surfaces such as vinyl siding, awnings, brick and many others. The pressure can be adjusted so as to suit the surface and work when battling dirt, mould, mildew, mud and grime. This type of washer is very ideal for large jobs especially if electricity is readily available.

Diesel cold water pressure washers

This is also among the best power washer for home use. The best thing with this one is that it is portable and can handle jobs which may be very difficult and take a lot of time to complete. The machine is made to continue working since the job may take a while to complete. The diesel engine is made from a car manufacturer like Honda. This means that the engine is made to keep on working. This type of washer can work without depending on a public water supply since it may not always be available.

Petrol cold water pressure washers

This type of washer can be used to do the jobs which are too tough. This washer has been designed to do harrowing tasks where the detergents may be needed.

Hot pressure washers

There are some jobs which require hot water to ensure that the item is fully cleaned. This is because hot water can cut through the grime as well as thick adhesive substances very well. This is due to the capability of hot water to soften substances and thus it becomes easy to remove. This machine can be powered using the hot pressure models like LPG gas and diesel.

Why Buy a Pressure Washer the Best Power Washer for Home Use?

Traditionally, when the day to clean your car comes, the items that you prepare are a huge sponge, bucket filled with soap and water, and a conventional garden hose.Using these aforementioned materials, the cleaning process will most likely end after a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour. However, when you make use of a pressure washer, your entire vehicle will be squeaky clean in just 5 minutes, sometimes even less.

Based on the studies conducted by pressure washer reviews, the pressure of the nozzles of this cleaning equipment are far stronger than the pressure a garden hose is capable of. With approximately 50 times as much pressure, dust and different types of dirt seem to melt away with just very little effort from your side. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that you are able to clean off all of your car’s nooks and crannies. By checking the below the best power washer for home use they have in store, you are made aware about the kind of units that many people believe is the best.

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